Other groups across the area

Bounds Green Mutual Aid

Helpline: 07933 680 896 (Please call this number in the first instance or if it is urgent)

Email: boundsgreenmutualaid@gmail.com

Facebook: Bounds Green Mutual Aid

Amethyst Close, Bailey Close, Blake Road, Bounds Green Road (South and both sides from opposite Bounds Green School), Churston Gardens, Cline Road, Commerce Road, Corbett Grove, Durnsford Road, Edith Road, Finsbury Road, Gordon Road, High Road, Lynton Gardens, Morant Place, Nightingale Road, Palace Road, Park Grove, Park Road, Partridge Way, Passmore Gardens, The Drive, Tredegar Road, Trinity Road and Woodfield Way.

Bowes Park Triangle: Bowes Park Community Association (BPCA)

Contact: Emma Killick 07799 888 215 and info@bowespark.org.uk

Roads: Beech Road, Belsize Avenue, Cheshire Road, Clarence Road, Eleanor Road, Elvendon Road, Fletton Road, Goring Road, Granville Road, Hampshire Road, Hardwick Road, Herbert Road, Kelvin Avenue Lascotts Road, Livingstone Road, Manor Road,Marlborough Road, Marquis Road, Melbourne Road, Moffat Road, Myddleton Road, North brook Road, Palmerston Road, Pankhurst Road, Pymmes Road, Queens Road, Richmond Road, Russell Road, Shropshire Road, Sidney Avenue, Sidney Road, Spencer Avenue, Thorold Road, Truro Road, Upsdale Avenue, Westbury Road, Whittington Road

Three Avenues Residents’ Association (TARA)

Contact: Jason Beazley. jjsbeazley@yahoo.co.uk

Facebook: Three Avenues Residents’ Association - TARA

Roads: Braemar Avenue, Cornwall Avenue, Eastern Road, Imperial Road and Northcott Avenue