FGBG Constitution


1. Our Aims:

To help improve and maintain the public open spaces at Bounds Green, adjacent to Tewkesbury Terrace and The Drive, so as to enhance the quality of life for local people by improving their physical and mental health, and act as a focus for bringing people together.

2. We will work to:

i find out the views of local people and open space users;

ii engage with Haringey Council and any other relevant organisations to encourage the achievement of our aims;

iii involve open space users and local people in the planning, decision-making and management of FGBG, and of the above mentioned open spaces, to the extent that this may become possible;

iv improve funding to maintain and increase the facilities in the open space including working in partnership with other bodies;

v encourage people, from all sections of the community, to use the open space and to enjoy its full potential, and promote an atmosphere of mutual appreciation and respect;

vi encourage users, including ourselves, to organise public social activities in the open space;

vii link with others to help protect and improve Haringey’s green open spaces generally.

3. Membership:

Membership will be open to anybody with an interest in using the open space, regardless of class, race, gender or gender identity, culture, age, disability or sexual orientation, as long as:

i they agree with the aims of the group;

ii they have given their name, address and email to be put on to the membership list; and

iii they have paid the £5 annual membership fee.

The first General Meeting will elect a committee of up to thirteen people, including a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. Thereafter, the Committee will be elected annually by the members assembled at an Annual General Meeting. In between General Meetings, the Committee will be the decision-making body of FGBG. It will be the responsibility of the Committee to convene Annual General Meetings. The Committee will also convene General meetings whenever it considers that there is significant business in pursuit of our aims which ought to be discussed by the membership.

4. The group will always oppose racism, sexism, homophobia, and ageism.

Expressions of such prejudice will not be tolerated at meetings or other activities of the group. Whilst difference of opinion is to be celebrated, the group encourages mutual respect and kindness at all meetings and communication platforms including social media.

5. Annual General Meeting:

Each year there will be an Annual General Meeting. At this meeting:

  • The Chairperson will give a report of the activities of FGBG for the previous year
  • The Treasurer will submit a report and accounts relating to the group’s finances, and recommend the level of membership subscription for the coming year.
  • The committee and members will identify and discuss the matters they wish to pursue for the forthcoming year, including submitting resolutions to the meeting for a vote by the members.
  • The AGM may amend the Constitution provided that any change to the constitution is agreed by the vote of no fewer than two-thirds of those members present.
  • The committee, including its officers, will be elected for the coming year.
  • The meeting may conduct any other relevant business that meeting it decides.

Every person recorded on the membership list will receive at least two weeks’ notice of the Annual General Meeting by an email or postal letter to the addresses on the membership list, and by putting up notices of the AGM on public display on the Green. The notice will remind members of the need for them to renew their membership subscriptions. Only those members who are in good standing may attend and vote at the AGM, unless there are exceptional circumstances that have prevented the member from paying her/his membership dues for the previous year before the start of the AGM.

6. Other General Meetings:

At least two other General Meetings will be organised during the year. These meetings will be publicised in good time to members and users. At these meetings members of working groups will:

  • Keep members up to date with plans and decisions affecting the open space
  • Collect the views of members and other open space users

7. Procedure at All General Meetings:

The General Meetings shall be the decision-making body of the group. All members will have a right to attend and to vote. Decisions shall be by consensus where possible, or by a simple majority vote where necessary, except for amendments to the Constitution which require a two-thirds majority at the AGM. A quorum shall be 10 members. If there isn’t a quorum, any decisions made regarding policy must be ratified at the following meeting. The Committee and General Meetings may decide to set up working groups, or to delegate any relevant tasks to individual members.

8. The work of the Friends group:

Members will be encouraged to get actively involved in the work of the Friends group. Anyone acting on behalf of FGBG will be expected to act in an appropriate manner, and to follow the general policies agreed by the members at the General Meetings. Working groups and officers can meet in between the general meetings in order to manage the affairs of the Friends including:

  • planning general meetings of the group and other activities in the open space
  • working on funding bids
  • passing on the views of members to people responsible for the recreation ground such as employees of Haringey Council, regeneration boards, councillors, police
  • meeting with other community groups
  • managing the finances and publicity of the group

9. Finances:

A bank account will be set up in the name of Friends of the Green, Bounds Green. All money received in the form of donations, subscriptions or any other contributions will be put into the bank account and will be used to further the aims of the group. The Treasurer and Secretary will be signatories and both their signatures will be required on all cheques. The annual accounts shall be independently verified, and the books shall be made available for inspection on request at the AGM.

10. Powers:

Friends of the Green, Bounds Green has the power to raise funds, to employ such staff as are necessary, and to enter into any transactions necessary to further its aims. It has the power to manage, licence, lease or buy property and to maintain and equip it for use. It has the power to appoint trustees, and to take out trustee liability insurance cover.

11. Dissolution:

If a General meeting, or 10 members, wish at any time to dissolve FGBG, they should give to all members at least 14 days’ notice of a Special General Meeting to discuss this. If such a decision is agreed at that meeting by a simple majority of those members present and voting, the assets will be disposed of to another voluntary organisation with compatible aims and principles, this group being agreed at the same meeting.

This Friends of the Green at Bounds Green Constitution was agreed at FGBG AGM on 30.10.18.