Dear Members,

I hope you are all well and surviving the heat. As you probably know, we conducted a survey on the proposed Bowes Primary Area Quieter Neighbourhood plans and we have the results to share with you.


  • 709 responses were collected
  • Three-quarters (76%) of those who responded to the survey oppose the current plans with many feeling they will have a negative impact on their well-being through increased journey times and A406 only access, where many feel unsafe
  • 13% are supporters of the current scheme and feel there will be many benefits to themselves and the wider community including lower traffic, cleaner air and safer streets
  • 79% of those who responded are concerned that the plans will push traffic to other roads. 72% of those who responded feel concerned about increased journey times having a negative impact on the environment. 72% of those who responded feel concerned about having A406 only access
  • 30% of those who responded feel a potential benefit of the plans is lower traffic. 27% of those who responded feel a potential benefit of the plans is cleaner air. 25% of those who responded feel a potential benefit of the plans is safer streets
  • While supporters feel that the scheme will have a positive impact overall, some are still worried about their own access to the area and increased traffic elsewhere
  • Both supporters and opposers feel that more could be done to make the plans work, for example allowing residents through the filters, re-introducing the right-hand turn at the end of Bounds Green Road and planting more trees in the area

Next steps:

  • A number of committee members have requested that FGBG remain neutral on the LTN proposals and do not campaign one way or another
  • Finding out the views of our members and users of our green space is central to our ethos though and reflected within our constitution, so in the absence of a prior consultation by Enfield to the proposed plans, we believe it is correct to share the findings of the report with Enfield and Haringey Councils and across the area
  • FGBG need to do more analysis on the questions relating to the green and we will get back to you once that is complete

The full report can be found here

In the interests of fairness, please see the contact details below for the various groups and campaign groups in the area:

With warmest wishes,

Emmy Beazley-Williams Chair, FGBG